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"Bakit kase hindi na lang ako?"
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No love story is tragic, until you unlove each other.
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The say that love is a choice. Is it really a choice ? Are we capable of choosing the person we love ? Does every people here in Earth have the capacity to choose who they want to love ? Is unloving someone a choice ? Can we unlove someone when were in pain and decided to stop ?

I believe that we cant choose who we want to love. We cant teach our heart. We cant dictate our own self. Love is not fair because sometimes we happen to fall for someone who cant love us back. Someone who cant return our love. Someone who happens to love someone else rather than us.

It hurts. It hurts a lot. To be rejected. We are hurt but still we cant choose to unlove them because no matter how hard we try, we cant unlove people. We cant choose to unlove them. Unloving someone is not a choice.Love is not a choice.

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"People who are traveling are more likely to fall in love because they are ready."
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